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              New Energy

              Solar energy
              Solar thermal power generation: mainly gather the solar energy to drive a turbine to generate electricity.

              Solar photo-voltaic power generation: combine the solar battery in whatever size to generate electricity independently or collectively.

              Solar water pump: replacing the solar thermal power pumps, 2.5 kW pv pump developed in China in the nineties is applied in Xinjiang.

              Solar water heater: Since 1958, our country developed the first water heater, after forty years of efforts, both China's solar water heater production and sales ranks first.

              Solar building: there are three kinds of solar building forms. Passive-house: simple structure, low cost, the natural heat exchange way to get energy. Active-house: structure is relatively complex, high cost, need electricity to offer auxiliary energy.

              Zero energy building: complex structure, high cost, all the energy of a building is provided by the "solar roof".

              Solar drying: after the 1970s, solar dryer is developing rapidly, especially in the countryside, many agricultural and sideline products have be made the solar drying experiment.

              Solar ovens: solar ovens can be divided into two categories, hot box and concentrated, our country popularizes solar oven with the most quantity in the world.

              Solar refrigeration and air conditioning: green and energy-saving air conditioning, no noise, no pollution, can be quickly putted into commercial production.

              Other usage of solar: desalinate sea water, catalyze and govern environment, cultivate energy plants, can be widely used in communications, transportation, agriculture, disaster prevention, cathodic protection, consumption, electronic products and so many aspects.

              Wind energy
              Wind energy has great potential as a non-pollution and reproducible energy, especially in offshore islands, the remote mountains with inconvenience traffic, the vast grassland pasture, villages and borderland which is far from power network or power can not reach recently. As a reliable way to to solve the energy of production and living, wind energy has an important meaning. Even in developed countries, wind power, as a kind of efficient and clean new energy is increasingly valued, for example, the U.S. department of energy (doe) has investigated that just two states of Texas and south Dakota's wind energy density is sufficient to supply all the electricity consumption in the United States.

              Biomass energy
              At present, human being use biomass energy in two ways, the first is using crop stalks, wood burning to make fire directly , the second is using agriculture and forestry waste, animal feces, garbage and algae as fuel indirectly, which generate bio-gas through microorganisms, or using hydrolysis to produce liquid and gas fuel. Biomass energy is the most wide renewable energy sources in the world.  

              Nuclear energy
              Nuclear power now is mainly used for power generation, the process is from nuclear power to water and steam power, and then change to mechanical energy of the generator rotor, finally, change to electric energy.

              Geothermal energy
              In fact, geothermal power generation is just the transformation process to change the underground heat energy into mechanical energy, and then change mechanical energy into electric energy. The current development of geothermal resources are mainly two categories, which are steam and hot water.
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