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              The Sales Volume in Global PCB market will reach $6.85 billion in 2016

              時間:2016/2/2 15:13:34
                  In 2012, BPA specially reviewed paper and composite materials, and then got a further analysis, which find that the sale volume of PCB will reach $6.85 billion in 2016. This forecast is based on the eyes of international market. Although China PCB market plays the most important role in calculating the quantity and the value of the PCB demand and production, the forecast is also reasonable. 

                  In fact, the total demand of PCB in American and European market grows not very fast these years. However, the demand of PCB in China still will increase. That is to say, the output of PCB in China still will increase also.

                 ShenZhen SinoFast Electronics co.,Ltd. as one of famous China PCB manufacturers, was established in 2005. SinoFast has expanded rapidly and kept introducing new production equipment to improve itself. What’s more, SinoFast has a trained professional team to offer best service and perfected the quality management system ranging to ensure the quality of PCB.  The hot products of SinoFast range from sigle-sided, double sided, multilayer-sided, FPC&Rigid-Flex PCB and PCB component. All products comply with IPC and UL standard. Extensively recruiting the talents is our policy. 

                  Welcome to ShenZhen SinoFast Electronics co.,Ltd. for more detailed information.

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