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              Production Capacity

              Shenzhen Sinofast Electronics Co.,Ltd   
              PCB and SMT Processing Capacity   
              PCB Processing Capacity 

               Item name Processsing Capacity 
               Layer  1-30 Layer
               Material  FR4,FR5,High-TG,Halogen Free,Rogers,Isola,Taconic,Arlon,Teflon, Aluminum board
               Max size  646x1200mm
               Contour tolerance  ±0.10mm
               Board thickness   0.2mm-6.0mm
               Board thickness tolerance  ±10%
               Min line width  0.075mm
               Min line space   0.075mm
               Outer layer copper thickness  18um-210um(HOZ-6OZ)
               Inner layer copper thickness   18um-210um(HOZ-6OZ)
               Bit size  0.15mm-6.50mm
               Finnished hole size  0.1mm-6.0mm
               Hole tolerance   ±0.05mm
               Hole position tolerance ±0.05mm
               Laser drilling hole size  0.075mm
               Aperture ratio  10:01
               Soldermask color  Green,blue,white,black,red,yellow,purple etc
               Min Soldermask bridge  0.050mm
               Plug hole diameter  0.20mm-0.50mm
               Impedance control tolerance


              Surface treatment Lead free HASL,immersion gold,golden finger,immersion tin,immersion silver,OSP,Carbon oil,plated hard gold(up to 100u")

               SMT Processing Capacity

               Material Type  Item MIN   MAX
               PCB  Size(length*width*thickness) 50*40*0.38mm   510*460*4.2mm
              Weight     1.8kg
              Special size   610*510*4.2mm
               Material FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3,Aluminum board,FPC 
               Surface treatment  HAL,OSP,Immersion gold,plated gold,golden finger
               Electronic components  Chip and IC  0402(1.0*0.5) 22*22 
               Special size(connector)  1.6*0.8 72mm 
               BGA pitch  0.3mm 1.0mm 
               QFP pitch  0.3mm 1.0mm 
               Prodcut Type  Product Quantity Normal delivery time  The quickest delivery time 
               SMD+connecto 5~200  6WD 3WD 
               201~2000 9WD   7WD
              ≥2000   12~15WD 10WD 
               SMD+DIP  5~200  6WD 4WD 
               201~2000  12WD 10WD 
               ≥2000  20WD 15WD 



              1. The above time does not include the PCB production,components purchase and PCB production can progress at the same time.

              2.The above time does not include the assembly time, assembly need accounting time according to the particular case.


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